17.1.2019 15:15 - 16:00 · Matkatieto-lava · Trade

Secondary Destinations / In co-operation with PATA Finland Chapter (EN)

By the year 2031, the world will welcome its two billionth international traveller. Many will be seeking the dream of the ever-expanding middle class - a life less ordinary through international travel. But this wanderlust will not be equally and sustainably distributed around the world. There will be winners and losers. Winners will be the destinations that not only invest in tourism, but understand the key motivators that will drive the international traveller of the future. This in turn will allow destinations to mount innovative marketing, destination and experience development strategies.

Hanna-Leena Halsas will be moderating the panel discussion where representatives from Croatia, Spain and Rovaniemi (Finland) are present.

  • Aika: 17.1.2019 15:15 - 16:00
  • Paikka: Matkatieto-lava
  • Esiintyjät: Hanna-Leena Halsas